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Treatment of contaminated soils can be advantageous for a variety reasons and can potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in transport and disposal costs if executed effectively.

The team at Macquarie Environmental Projects Pty Ltd, have a wealth of experience in the successful treatment of contaminated from Bio treatment, Thermal / Electrokinetic Treatment, and chemical treatment applications.

Whether your site is affected by acid sulphate, hydrocarbon, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, PCBs, VOCsĀ  or anything in between, Macquarie can develop the solution, and execute a successful treatment programme designed to suit your requirements.

Onsite Treatment of soils is generally only considered for high volume applications due to the set up costs, but may be beneficial in many instances. Some soils are unsuitable for disposal to landfill and require chemical fixation prior to disposal, and other times on site treatment is used to reduce a waste class prior to disposal which can save you up to $500 per tonne on conventional direct landfill disposal. Contaminated soil treatment is also considered when the treatment will yield results suitable for the soil to be reused on site.

Large scale onsite treatment options may sometimes require an EPA licence approval, or exemption, and our team have the expertise to obtain such approvals and deliver soil treatments applications for most contaminants and applications.

Generally the establishment of onsite treatment programmes are costly, and are only financially viable for large volume applications. When considering onsite treatment, it is important to consider the drivers and objectives behind your project and at Macquarie we can help present the all options so you can make the best decision for your requirements.