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Our team of professional operations staff have been involved in the design and installation of small and large fuel storage systems from waste oil system and automated back up generator diesel systems, through to retail fuel systems, and aviation facilities.

Regardless of the size of your required system, it needs to be reliable, adaptable, and ensure the environment is protected well into the future. You don’t know what is around the corner, so ensuring our system is not only leak free, but manageable, and adaptable will save you thousands on potential environmental issues, and modification or upgrade costs.

This is particularly beneficial in retail settings, where change in fuel trends can cost you tens of thousands of dollars to keep up with the market demands.  The costs of system upgrade for E10, and E85 fuel grades had tremendous impact on fuel retailers, and the increasing demand for diesel fuels due to the increasing number of diesel vehicles for sale in the Australian market are prime examples of changing markets that were not considered in most fuel  system designs 10 years ago.

The cost of introducing diesel to every pump on your forecourt could have been reduced by up to $60,000 through careful design and installation principals.

At Macquarie we are all about delivering a product that suits your needs today, and into the future.

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