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The code of practice for storage and handling of dangerous goods requires that any UST that is unused must be decommissioned or abandoned in accordance with AS 1940-2004 – Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquid, and AS4976-2008 – Removal and Disposal of Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks within 2 years of it last receiving or delivering dangerous goods.

Macquarie Environmental Projects Pty Ltd have extensive experience in the safe and effective decommissioning and removal of underground fuel storage systems (UPSS) and Underground Storage Tanks (UST’s) Australia Wide.

There are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions when it comes to Remediation works, and at Macquarie we take the time to understand the drivers behind your project, and the various project constraints to help develop true value for money outcomes for our clients.

Our team of professional Remediation Contractors have the experience and expertise to deliver the best possible outcomes for your project, every time, and we pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations.

Remediation and Tank removal is best left to the experts. The removal of UST’s can be dangerous and fatal if not executed by professionals, and incorrect removal of UST’s could further contaminate the surrounding area and potentially cost more money than it should.

Our expert team have a deeper knowledge of Fuel Infrastructure because we also design and install Fuel Storage and handling systems. Our teams appreciation for the workings of a fuel storage system allows us to successfully and safely decommission / remove tanks with minimal impact to the operation of a site, the environment and your wallet.

Our thorough understanding of AS4976 (2008) Removal & Disposal of Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks, and AS1940-2004 Storage & Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids ensures we deliver each and every tank removal project safely and compliantly and at Macquarie we have invested in some of the industries most specialised equipment to ensure our projects are executed as safely and swiftly as possible.

Whilst tank removal is the most effective and most accepted practice of UPSS decommissioning, it is not always practical due to the tanks proximity to building footings, the location or access to a tank, or the intent to re-use a system in the future. At Macquarie we offer a range of solutions for in-situ abandonment of UST’s such as Foam Filling, Slurry Filling, or Gel filling.

The abandonment options in the market are varied, and each option carries different benefits. The abandonment method should be considered very carefully, as the incorrect method of abandonment could be an upfront cost saving that cost you a lot more down the track.

It is important to ensure that removal or abandonment of your fuel storage tanks are done with as little impact to your site, and your operations as possible, and our fleet of specialist plant and equipment allows us to tailor our offering to best suit your needs.

Macquarie own and operate its own fleet of excavation plant from our 1.0 tonne Komatsu excavator for tight access sites, 2x 5.0t Kobelco’s, our 8.0t & 13.00t Komatsu’s with hydraulic steel shears, 1x 20.00t CAT, 1x 22.0t Komatsu, 2 x 32.00t Volvo’s, 40.00t Hitachi as well as Skid Steer, and front end loaders, rollers and compaction plant, and remote vibration equipment. Our plant is all fitted with Asbestos cabin filtration systems for the safe excavation of asbestos contaminated soils and by owning our own fleet of equipment, we can ensure we add maximum value to your project, at the best possible price.

In addition to our expansive fleet excavation equipment, Macquarie have mobile Nitrogen generation plant for the onsite purging of underground storage tanks prior to removal, mobile pug mill and power-screen for onsite remediation of contaminated soils, Ground penetrating radar for location of services, fuel transfer pumps, water transfer pumps, 5,000, and 12,000 skid mounted vacuum tanks, high pressure cleaning equipment, fencing, ablution and office blocks, concrete cutting equipment, diesel compressors, diesel generators and more.

In addition to our significant investment in specialist equipment, Macquarie have introduced the ‘MACQTRAK’ software to our suite of project delivery tools. The MACQTRAK system is exclusive to Macquarie Environmental Projects Pty Ltd and is the first of its kind in the industry.

The software is a site and site management tool, and client interface that uses the latest intrinsically safe mobile devises to track project status in real time and automatically report to the project management team, and our clients.

All site activities from Toolbox Meetings, sign in and out registers, truck and waste tracking movements, incidents and photos are all captured and recorded using the MACQTRAK application. Each client have personalised parameters for notifications, which are set based on your milestone requirements. You can view every toolbox meeting, sign in and out registers, incident reports, vehicle movements, waste tracking volumes, excavation efficiencies and incidents, with the information emailed directly to your inbox as frequently or infrequently as you require.

This innovative technology puts you on site without having to leave your office.