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Macquarie Environmental Projects Pty Ltd are experienced in the demolition of commercial and retail structures, and offer attractive lump sum pricing options for demolition project across Australia.

Industrial facilities, and commercial premises are often contaminated from prior use, and whilst the level of contamination may not exceed acceptable industrial thresholds, it is important to ensure that contaminated soils are not adversely transported off site with excavated footings, and other infrastructure

The use of asbestos in construction prior to 1985 was extremely common in both residential and commercial development, and the incorrect handling and demolition of structures containing asbestos puts you at risk.

At Macquarie we understand the demolition and remediation of your land is a commercial decision, and the way these works are carried out can effect the development potential of your site.

As well as offering competitive pricing, we have the equipment and experts to execute safe, speedy and compliant demolition projects Australia wide.